Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Wish List

There are so many things I could include on this list. I have, however, managed to restrict myself to the following items. While most of them won't be mine for quite some time, I'll probably try pick up a couple of the pieces this month.

And she has a lot of other fabrics you can choose from, too! Gotta love Etsy!

Best part about these skirts: the little animals are brooches, so you can keep them on the skirt or wear them on a cardigan! I personally love the brown skirt with the bunny pin, but I think they are all marvelously whimsical.

I love my thrifted gray circle skirt so much that I've been longing for an identical one in black. This looks like it would fit the bill, and a custom made skirt for $30 certainly won't break the bank.

At some point, I apparently decided that I needed a tank top in every single color under the sun. Lavender? Check. Olive green? Got it. Every shade of brown you ever have or ever will see? Covered. But in terms of patterned floral tops, I have... one. Maybe. Somewhere. So this would actually be really useful for me to pick up. On a side note, is it just me or have Old Navy's prices gone way up?

These shall be mine!

Sometimes I think Banana Republic exists only to taunt me. Their prices preclude me from purchasing more than a few basic things, which is why this blazer will remain on my wish list for the long haul. Speaking of which, have you all seen the new Mad Men Collection? Beautiful! But it runs waaaay too small to accommodate the Ladies. Which is probably for the best, actually, since I would buy everything in the collection (both for myself and Mr. CP), and we would end up eating cat food and refried beans for the rest of the month. Year. Decade.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to be heading to Charlotte, North Carolina at the beginning of October for a wedding!  I had been planning on wearing something suitably Autumnal -- lots of rich browns, and warm oranges and yellows, until I received a bit of surprising news. Apparently the wedding is going to involve copious amounts of black, accents of red, and... well, coffins. This will be a first for me. I can't say I ever thought I'd be going to a wedding like this. I'm actually quite excited to go, though, as I love unique weddings! At any rate, I think that means mustard is out...

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