Friday, September 23, 2011

I Got Mail from CatRabbit!

It's no secret that I love whimsical things. Hopefully it's also no secret that I don't take myself too seriously. Believing as I do that a person's individual style should be a reflection of who they are, none of my outfits ever feel complete without something silly, and offbeat. Typically I just stick with accessories -- necklaces, bracelets, and especially brooches -- because it's difficult to find the sorts of prints that I love in larger sizes.

My penchant for such accessories led me to CatRabbit. While browsing her Etsy store, I found myself particularly enchanted by a pair of hair combs in her sold items. Elegant and silly all at the same time, they featured an adorable fancy bunny engraving that I just knew I had to have. So, I promptly emailed CatRabbit, and asked whether she might consider making me a sweater clip/brooch that included the fancy bunny design. I left the other portion of the clip up to her. Much to my delight, she suggested a fancy sloth to accompany the fancy bunny. It took only three weeks from the time we started emailing for me to receive my order -- and that coming all the way from Australia!


If you're in the market for unique sweater clips and/or brooches, you should definitely pay CatRabbit a visit! She was absolutely wonderful to communicate with, and got the clip to me surprisingly quickly! If you're reading this, thanks a bunch Cat!

On a different note, my ankle is healing up quite nicely due in large part to Mr. CP's insistence that I stay off it as much as possible. Ever my knight-in-shining-armor, Mr. CP has been bringing me food and beverages, running my errands, and even doing a load of laundry. Standing (or, in this case, hobbling) in direct contrast to Mr. CP's general wonderfulness is, well, me. I'm an awful patient. The worst, in fact. I feel terrible that he's been forced to do so many things for me, and continually insist on fetching my own drinks and pacing through the house restlessly... you know, to, um, stretch out my ankle. It's feeling more or less better now, though, so expect some OOTD posts coming your way.

Now I just need to find something for Mr. CP that says, "Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me," and "I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass" all at the same time. Any ideas? Oh, and it would be best if it doesn't involve cooking, because I did NOT almost burn down my old apartment when I tried to cook dinner, and I definitely DO know how to cook really, really well.

And yes, you are most certainly sensing sarcasm there.

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