Hiya, and thanks for stopping by to get to know a little bit about me. So, here we go...

My name is Kelsey! I've just recently relocated from not-so-sunny Seattle to wonderfully sunny Colorado with my partner in crime, Mr. CP. My hours are typically filled by reading anything I can get my hands on, marveling at the wonderful array of fashion blogs to be found on the net, or wrangling our army of cats. I'm a bit new to the world of fashion and beauty, having always assumed that my curvy figure precluded me from indulging in the fashion styles I most adored. Thanks to the multiplicity of curve-loving fashion blogs on the web, though, I've rethought my position, and this blog marks my foray into the somewhat daunting world of fashion.

There are few things I love more than good food, bargain hunting, and wine. At least for me, unique accessories and adorable prints are the name of the game, so I'm constantly on the hunt for both. I'm a bit crafty (both literally and figuratively... muahahahaha!) so don't be surprised if you find DIY projects popping up from time to time.


Why did you start this blog?
Up until relatively recently (February 2011), I pretty much wore the same thing every day: a black t-shirt, a zip-up hoodie (if it was cold), jeans, and Converse sneakers. I was absolutely convinced that I simply couldn't find the sorts of styles I loved in sizes that would accomodate my, ahem, ample bosom. One day, out of sheer boredom, I was surfing the web when I stumbled upon a series of blogs that revealed to me that, contrary to my previous beliefs, I could most certainly dress the way I had always wanted. I started this blog in large part to keep myself from reverting back into my old habits!

Why Charming Pumpkin?
I have a much-loved stuffed bunny named Pumpkin -- a gift from Mr. CP -- who contributed to the second half of this blog's name. I have absolutely no idea where the "charming" part came from. It just sounded like a good idea, I guess! 

Who's this Mr. CP guy you are always rambling on about?
Mr. CP is my husband, and partner-in-crime. I'll spare you the gushy details, but we met in graduate school. Soon after we met, Mr. CP  began cooking meals for me when he realized that I subsisted entirely on turkey sandwiches and cereal. We were friends for quite some time until that unexpected day when we became something more!

What size are you, anyway?
It varies widely. I can fit into anything from a size large to a size 2X, depending upon the store and brand. I tend to be a US 14-16/UK 20 on the bottom, and a US size 16-18/UK 20-22 on the top. In shoes I tend to wear a US size 9.5 or 10.

Where do you like to shop?
I've compiled a handy dandy list of my favorite stores here!

What type of camera do you use, and who takes the photos?
For the most part, the photos on this site are taken using a Nikon D3000 with a standard 18-50 mm kit lens. Mr. CP is kind enough to take all the photos you see on the blog!

Do you edit your photos?
I only do two things: enhance the colors, and crop and resize the photos. I don't much see the point of altering my pictures in any other way. It's just not my style. =)