Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kate Spade on the Cheap: Take 2

I present to you another outfit inspired by Kate Spade. I wasn't overly fond of the purse in the original photo-- it's a bit too matchy-matchy for my tastes -- so I swapped it out for a colorful tote.

Come tomorrow morning, we're Colorado bound! Catch ya on the flip side!

Curvy, Cheaper Alternative
1. Dorothy Perkins, Pink Soft Waterfall Jacket: $55 (here)
2. Dorothy Perkins, Nude Dip Hem Lace Vest: $29 (here)
3. Dorothy Perkins, Black Slim Leg Pants: $28 (here)
4. Forever 21, Contrast Oval Bangle Set: $5.80 (here)
5. Forever 21, Painted Floral Bangle Set: $6.80 (here)
6. Forever 21, Lacquered Flower Studs: $1.50 (here)
7. Sock It To Me, Black and White Striped Knee High Socks: $10 (here)
 8. Little Lady Bows and Bands Shoe Clips: $9.95 (here)
9. Forever 21, Vibrant Tote: $24.80 (here)
10. Payless Shoes, Chelsea Flat in Cognac: $16.99 (here)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

eShakti vs. Anthropologie

Sometimes I surprise myself. Somehow, I've managed to stick to my self-imposed shopping ban in the lead-up to the big move. I haven't ordered the Dorothy Perkins polka dot dress that I mentioned in my last post. I haven't indulged in the nearby sidewalk sales, or taken advantage of all the ridiculous sales going on in department stores. But this -- THIS! -- is seriously tempting

I don't own any pencil dresses because, to be frank, I haven't found any that don't make me look like an overstuffed sausage. I tried on the Anthro dress below, but it was way too tight, and also way out of my price range. The style itself had the potential to be incredibly flattering, but the size and price issues made it a big no go. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a much cheaper alternative in a size that would actually fit. I give you the dupe to end all dupes!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kate Spade on the Cheap!

I have a love/hate relationship with Kate Spade. I love the unexpected mash up of colors, patterns, and classic silhouettes. I hate the price tag, and the fact that never, at any point in my life, will I be able to squeeze into any of her items. Searching the internet, I was absolutely astonished by the fact that no one had bothered to put together Kate Spade inspired looks a) for cheaper and b) for us curvier gals. Enter: ME!!!! (Just imagine that I'm making that face that Elle Woods makes when she finds out she got the internship at Harvard in Legally Blonde).

Anyway, I found several Kate Spade looks that I absolutely love. Despite the fact that the movers are coming in exactly, ahem, three days, and there's still a substantial amount of packing left to do (i.e. the office, and all the cupboards in the kitchen), I've decided that a better use of my time is putting together outfits based on a few of the cutest Kate Spade looks I found. Behold, look #1!!!!!



Curvy, Cheaper Alternative

1. Dorothy Perkins, Ivory Velour Spot Dress: $59 (here)
2. Payless Shoes, Chelsea Flat in Cognac: $16.99 (here)
3. Target, Artist Lite Crewneck Cardigan: $24.99 (here)
4. We Love Colors, Nylon/Lycra Tights in Ivory: $15 (here)
5. Overstock.com, Hailey Jeans Co. Narrow Belt in Dark Teal: $15.99 (here)
6. Little Lady Bows and Bands Shoe Clips: $9.95 (here)
7. Mosey Life Caster Cross-Body in Grape Jelly: $88 (here)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

maurices Dress Review!

Dress: c/o maurices* (here)

When the kind folks over at maurices offered to send me an item to review, my mind immediately jumped to dresses. I mean, come on, it's me, right? Dresses and I are like PB&J, Sonny and Cher, Caesar and Brutus (pre-horrible, backstabbing betrayal). 

When I saw this dress on the maurices website, I swooned. I looooove lace anything, after all. I figured from the photograph on maurices' site that I would love it, but I didn't realize just how beautiful this dress would be. The photos don't do it justice. Fully lined, and made with a beautiful leaf-patterned lace, it's enough to make me feel ever so slightly like a modern day princess. I typically feel like I'm just sort of galumphing around, but this dress accomplished something unexpected. It made me feel like I was gracefully floating around. So what if I tripped over absolutely nothing on the sidewalk? I was wearing this dress, which made my stumble look swan-like and graceful! So what if I tried to drink out of a straw, and missed my mouth? I did it with poise and sophistication! That's the power of a great dress, folks. And this, this is a great dress.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with maurices, allow me to introduce you. Based in Minnesota, maurices caters to the "savvy fashion conscious customer with a twenty-something attitude." My favorite thing about maurices: they have both a straight-sized and a plus sized line. Their clothes range from a size 0 to a size 26, with their plus size line in particular ranging from a size 0 (which, for reference's sake, is what I ordered) to a size 4. 

My experience with maurices was absolutely wonderful. The dress is sturdy and well-made, and everyone I corresponded with was friendly and helpful. I was a bit concerned that the dress may not arrive before moving day, but it shipped really quickly. Now, of course, I've been trolling their site looking for other, equally adorable items. These beauties from maurices' plus size line have been added to my already lengthy wish list:

*maurices was kind enough to send me this item free of charge. This in no way affected my opinion of the item or the company. I'm an opinionated beast of a woman, so you can be sure that if I hadn't liked the item and/or company I would have said so. For serious.