Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dress: Ross ($5... bargain!)
Tights: Target
Hat: Hatitude (Las Vegas at the Venetian)
Shoes: Born
Rings: Street Fair (Green stone); Something Silver (blue stone)
Bracelets: All over the place. Can't even remember.
Necklace: Assorted charms from Mr. CP

Today was the first day in nearly a week that I ventured out of the house. It felt great to get out and enjoy what are likely the final days of sunshine we'll be seeing here in Seattle for quite some time. Mr. CP and I have had standing plans to attend Oktoberfest, so I was determined that my ankle injury would be healed by today (Friday)... and miraculously it was!

Oktoberfest was, as always, entertaining. I'm not a big drinker, to be honest, so after about 2 of the little 5-oz tasters I was content to plop myself down on the curb and listen with absolute delight to the ironic and hilarious conversations going on around me. Women in scandalous, cleavage-baring, very non-traditional dirndls, for example, scampered around complaining (with grins on their faces, of course) about how offended they were that men kept staring at their cleavage. Yes, well, a mini-skirt, a push-up bra, and an unbuttoned blouse (if it can even be called that) will do that for you. At one point I found myself reflecting on what I might look like in a dirndl. The mental image alone had me dissolving into a fit of giggles. In an unfortunate coincidence, Mr. CP returned to my happy little curb from a tasting booth just as I started cackling, and gave me one of those, "Can I get away with pretending I don't know her?" looks. I know that Mr. CP reads these posts, so to Mr. CP: No. You can never get away with pretending not to know me. Ne-ver. 

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