Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet The Family!

At the risk of sounding vaguely mobster-esque, I've been intending to do a post on The Family for quite some time. Particularly in the case of Mr. CP, I thought it might be nice for you to have a face to go along with the name. So without further ado, I give you: THE FAMILY!

The Kittos

 I adopted Gabby about eight years ago when I was just beginning college. Irritable and slightly senile, Mr. CP and I are convinced that either she's made some sort of a pact with dark forces, or she's bent on world domination. We're not sure which. Gabby loves sleeping, snoozing, occasionally snuggling, and... sleeping some more.

Gabriel (Gabe, for short) came to live with us earlier this summer. He found himself homeless after the terrible tornado in Joplin, Missouri, and was promptly shipped to Seattle in the hopes that someone here might adopt him. He loves paper grocery bags (as evidenced by the photo), kisses, and snuggles. He is quite possibly the sweetest cat that ever existed.

Meet Luna (usually called "Tuna" or "Fish"). At just over 6 months old, she's the youngest of the three. We adopted her and Gabe at the same time. She and Gabe are absolutely convinced that, despite his Gingery good looks, he is her father, so they like to snuggle each other. Luna can most often be found bounding around the house, chewing on my pony-tail, or desperately trying to look sweet and innocent.

Mr. CP

Meet Mr. CP! We met in graduate school where we were both getting our PhD's in History -- his in Ancient Roman history, mine in Early American. We initially spent time together in large part because Mr. CP was horrified that my lack -- and by lack, I mean lack -- of cooking skills saw me subsisting on turkey sandwiches and cereal. Mr. CP is, quite possibly, one of the best cooks I have ever met (he almost went to the CIA!), and he kindly started feeding me what he called "real" food (though I still maintain that turkey sandwiches and cereal are very, very real foods). I ultimately decided to leave grad school before I finished up my PhD for a variety of reasons, but Mr. CP stuck with it and will be finishing up sometime next Spring or Fall!

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