Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kelsey vs. The Cropped Cardigan

Disclaimer: The wind was making my hair do some creative things.

Dress: Flared and Cable Sweater Dress/Anthropologie (on sale here)
Cropped Cardigan: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue/Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Enzo Angiolini/Nordstrom Rack
Head Band: Target
Belt: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Brooches: Thrifted

Until today, I was utterly convinced that I couldn't and shouldn't wear cropped cardigans. I was adamant in my belief that they did one thing and one thing only: drew attention to an area of my body that didn't need any more attention (read: the chestal area). When I saw this sweater on sale at Anthropologie a while back for a a mere $25 (plus an extra 25% off!), I figured I'd try it on and see what happened. I was surprised at how much I liked it. The sweater is soft, it's a beautiful color, and it's fuzzy. Plus, for that price, I just couldn't say no. Once I got it home, however, I stuck it in my closet and put off wearing it. I'd see it, think, "Meh... still not sure whether I can pull that off," and grab something else instead. I am, however, a firm believer in getting over myself, so I pulled this baby out to pair with this beautiful dress that Mama CP got me when she and Papa CP were out here visiting earlier this week. I'm actually quite pleased with how the outfit turned out. I had several women stop me today to ask where I got the sweater and dress, so I guess I did something right! =)

I'm thinking I might make this "Kelsey vs. [insert article of clothing here]" an ongoing series. It's a good way to force myself out of my comfort zone. Plus, I have a bit of a THING (that's right... all caps) about letting fear and/or self-consciousness rule my life, so such a series would also speak to that facet of my personality. What do you think? Is a "Kelsey vs..." series a good idea?

I've linked up to the Fashionista Friday series over at Fashion by Alicia, so be sure to check it out! There are some amaaazing outfits being featured this week. You can find the specific post here.

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