Friday, January 13, 2012

Orange Box Jewelry Giveaway Winner!

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to announce the winner of the Orange Box Jewelry giveaway! I could tell you that I was walking down the street when I saw a tragic looking puppy sitting in the middle of the street; how I shrieked in terror when I saw a car bearing down upon the poor thing. I could tell you that in a moment of absolute heroism I dove between the canine and the car, only to be mercilessly run down by the cruel, evil, would-be puppy slayer. I could finish recounting my tale of woe by explaining that I was laid up in the hospital for three weeks, recovering amidst a veritable garden of flowers, all sent by the sweet puppy whose life I saved. But alas, I can't tell you that. It didn't happen.

... (awkward silence)

... (more awkward silence)

Ahem, moving on. Rafflecopter seemed kind of dull, so I decided to draw a winner the old fashioned way. I wrote all of the entrants' names down on slips of paper, put them all in one of Mr. CP's fancy-pants fedoras, like so:

And drew a winner! Drum roll please... The winner is:

Kassi is absolutely hilarious. Her posts on her blog, The Closet Intervention, typically result in me alternating between giggles, and oo's and ah's. True story. Congratulations, Kassi! Shoot me an email at, and I'll send you your coupon code!

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