Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thrifted Goodies!

Behold my new royal porcupine scarf! Odds are no one will be able to tell there's a porcupine, royal or otherwise, on this scarf, but I'll know he's there which will inevitably put a bounce in my step. I feel like he needs a name... Ideas?

I love, love, love this scarf. It's absolutely massive, so I'm not planning on using it as a scarf. As soon as I figure out how to make a simple a-line skirt this lovely piece of fabric will form the front panel. =)

I saw this hanging on the end of one of the racks by a mirror, and scooped it up before someone else did. This angry looking woman came over and started snuffling around the skirt while I was inspecting it, but I scooped it up before she could steal it.

I've been desperately coveting a velvet blazer. I love the texture that a velvet piece of clothing adds to an outfit. The cut and fabric of this particular jacket are beautiful. As soon as I get it back from the dry cleaners, I'm going to pop the buttons off and Kelsify it with some mismatched vintage metal buttons. You can see that Boy Cat is already getting a start on those buttons for me. He's so helpful, isn't he?

Ribbet. Ribbet. Who doesn't need a dainty little frog pin? This guy is tiny, so he'll be perfect for a brooch collage like this one

I love rampant lions. They're so... rampant. Ahem. I love the pearl dangling from the bottom of the shield. It's a nice feminine touch.

Grand Total: Just under $25.00 (I had a 30% off coupon!)

There was a bit of a debacle that involved an adorable Ferragamo zebra scarf, so I'm going back to get that tomorrow morning. Apparently Value Village has a corporate policy that prevents cashiers from pricing tag-free items at the register, so the scarf has to be reprocessed. Pfft. I roll my eyes at you like a surly fifteen-year-old, Value Village. And at you, too, Random Person Who Ripped Off the Tag. I also shake my fist at you. And sneer at you. And... and... 

Update: Here's the Ferragamo zebra scarf! I snagged it for $9.99! Don't get me wrong, I was excited that it's a Ferragamo scarf. Frankly, though, I was more excited about the zebras. =) Is it just me, or do the zebras look like total Dudes? They kind of have that whole "dude face" thing going.

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