Monday, October 10, 2011

The Infamous Wedding

Cami (which is actually a Cami Bra): Le Mystere
Shoes: Naya
Jewelry: Betsey Johnson
Clutch: DIY

There are few things more wonderful than making unexpected friends. I headed to North Carolina this past weekend for an old family friend's wedding, and had no idea what to expect. I only knew that the colors black and red were off-limits, and that spooky accessories were strongly encouraged. In the lead up to the wedding, the bride arranged a Girls' Night for anyone interested in attending. I arrived expecting to feel out of place and uncomfortable, but after a mere ten minutes with that group of women I felt like I had known them all for years. Among my favorite moments of the evening was listening to one of the bridesmaids recount the tale of how she unknowingly started beating an off-duty cop with clothing-filled Target bags. She had just left Target late one night when she heard foot steps right behind her. The way she tells it, she weighed her options. I distinctly remember her saying, "I'm fat, you know, so I sure as hell wasn't going to be able to outrun the guy. I would have collapse after 10 yards." No, her best option, she decided, was to stand and fight. So, she subtly weighed the bags in her hands, chose the lightest one, and turned around swinging... and continued swinging... over and over and over. The man ended up on the ground while she hit him with her Target bags, ultimately realizing that in the interest of self-preservation it would be wise to flash her his badge. Turns out the guy was parked right next to the bridesmaid, and was just walking back to his car. Poor guy. Many hilarious stories were told that night, so many that I can't even remember the last time that I laughed so hard or so much. My sides were very, very sore the next day.

I apologize for the relative lack of photos. This was just a quick picture my mother snapped with my iPhone before we headed in to the wedding reception!

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