Friday, October 14, 2011

Kelsey vs. The Skinny Jean

 Sorry the photo is blurry and jumbled... I'll try to get a better photo next time. Look! Birdies! Ooooo!

Blouse: Gap
Cardigan: Halogen (Nordstrom)
Skinnies: Gap
Boots: Abound (Nordstrom Rack)
Necklace: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom Rack)
Earrings: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)
Head Band: H&M

I was reading Rebecca's latest post over at The Plus Side of Me a couple days ago, and found myself inspired. Rebecca explained that she had a long-standing fear of ankle-booties, a fear that she overcame to adorable effect in her most recent OOTD (which may or may not be recent as you're reading this). After reading her post, I tried to think of a trend that I was too self-conscious to wear. After ruminating on it for a little while, I decided that skinny jeans were to be my Everest. So, I rummaged around in my closet until I found this pair of jeans I bought ages ago for half off. I tried them on at Gap and thought, "Golly (because apparently I'm a pig-tailed six-year-old), these sure do look flattering! I look so tall! And so skinny!" Let me just say that I will swear until my dying day they have magic mirrors in Gap that make you look taller and skinnier -- and hell, why wouldn't they? It's a brilliant marketing strategy. The jeans looked completely different when I got them home. They made me look hippy. And, let's face it, ass-y. And also kind of short. So, into my closet they went, where they've happily lived for longer than I'd like to admit.

At any rate, inspired by Rebecca, I conquered my fear of skinnies and put together this outfit. I felt a bit uncomfortable running around town in it, but I think that's to be expected when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. I'm definitely going to keep expanding my (dorky and cliche) horizons, though, so I'm certain you'll see these jeans in future OOTDs.

A brief note about the accessories in this photo. I was so excited when I found this necklace on extra-special clearance for around $10. A couple of the charms were on backwards, which was easy enough to fix with a pair of pliers and a few minutes of my time. The earrings were on clearance for around $10 as well, I think. They may have been slightly more. The earring you see in the photograph above has a large gold branch, and a small silver branch. The opposite earring (not pictured) has the reverse: a large silver branch, and a small gold branch. I love little details like that! =)

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