Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Guest Post: In Which Mr. CP Screws Everything Up!

Our story begins, as so many do, with a mistake that was not immediately apparent.  As you, gentle reader, likely are aware, Kelsey abandoned me absconded departed for North Carolina a few days ago.  While she fretted over coffins, spooky accessories, and dresses, she entrusted me with a glorious task: update her blog.
Me accepting this task. With, apparently, my horse
Armor: Ye Olde Blacksmith Unlimited
Tabard: Forver Plagueridden
Horse: DIY Pasture
In the most noble manner imaginable, I accepted this quest: "Sweetie, I promise you, I will mess this up."

She, of course, thought I was joking.  She said, "Oh, you... I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful."

And so, I find myself here... little black cat 'helping' (i.e. trying to eat my fingers) as I struggle to post something worthy.

Idea #1 - I offered simply to substitute in for her.  I had picked out an amazing outfit and was all set for a photo shoot.

For your sanity
Apparently, it's 'weird'  when I try to wear her clothes.

Idea #2 - This.
Armor: Mark VII Aquila Power Armor, Adeptus Mechanicus
Bolter: Godwyn Pattern, Adeptus Mechanicus
Life is the Emperor's currency; spend it well.  For the Imperium!
'Nuff said.

Idea #2, part 2: This as well.
Diving Suit: Bouncer Variant, Protector Program
Drill: Over Sized, Not Compensating at all
So, I learned a thing about fashion: seemingly, it does not include massive, genetically/surgically/psychically altered brutes.  Something new every day, as they say.

Idea #3: Lust list post!!!
North Coast Brewing Co, Old Rasputin XI
Boulevard Brewing Co Smokestack Series, Bourbon Barrel Quad (BBQ)

Wait... this isn't a blog about beer?  Back to the drawing board.

Idea #3b: Fashion and beer!
Ermine: Found in Nature
Label: DIY
Idea # pi.
I think I'm hilarious
Idea # History!
Certainly not made with forced labor or washed in urine
Romans.  They were a gross people.  Urinophoric much?

Idea #4: Distraction!
Look! Boy cat!
Annnnnndddd, work complete!  Now to bask in Kelsey's praise and adoration for a job well done.  There was charm (or something), and Gabriel looks a little like a pumpkin.  Hence, Charming Pumpkin!

I warned her this would happen.  I regret nothing!

- Mr. CP

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