Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For Love of a Dress

 Happy boogie! 

 It's a bit fuzzy, but the image on the brooch is a dapper frog with a bouquet!

Dress: A to Z via Alhambra Outlet (not available online)
Cardigan: August Silk
Tights: Hue
Boots: Enzo Angiolini via Nordstrom Rack
Head Band: Nordstrom
Sweater Clip: DIY
Brooch: DIY

I don't embarrass easily. Once upon a time, as an awkward 12 year old, I walked into an iron post and knocked myself out. In front of my crush. And half the school. So, after that, nothing seemed terribly embarrassing. The fact that I lived through such a humiliating moment (that still leaves me blushing nearly 15 years later) means that, in general, I have no shame. That's why, when I recently noticed a woman wandering around Target in an exceptionally cute outfit, I had no problem at all stalking her through the store. I followed her from aisle to aisle -- maintaining an adequate spy-ish distance, of course -- eyeing her dress. Every time she would stop, I  would stop, grab the nearest item, and pretend to eagerly inspect whatever was in my hand. Among the items I inexplicably grabbed: men's deodorant, paper towels (which I actually needed to pick up anyway), and weirdest of all, Depends. I was a little confused when I looked down and realized what I had picked up. I tried to set it back down with as much imperious dignity as possible, but frankly, there's just no way to look imperious or dignified when you're clutching an industrial sized box of adult diapers in your hands. God only knows what I would have grabbed next. I decided that it was probably in my best interest to just ask her where she got the dress -- after all, nearly everyone loves being complimented. She ended up being really sweet, and we chatted at length about our outfits as we wandered from aisle to aisle together. I never got her name, but I always love meeting random nice people. At any rate, as soon as I was done at Target, I drove to the store where she got the dress, and was thrilled to find that it was on sale! It was normally $110, marked down to $49, and then marked down again to $27. I did my happy boogie right smack dab in the middle of the store (as pictured in photo #2 above). Because it was such a good price, I grabbed the dress in a beautiful green color as well. I'm regretting that I didn't pick it up in the mustard-ish/beige-y (eloquent, no?) color, too. 

I haven't done a DIY post for the brooch I'm wearing in this outfit, but I'm thinking I very well may. I couldn't find any tutorials for this type of brooch online, and it took me far longer than it should have to figure out how to put it together. Would you like to see a DIY for this?

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