Sunday, August 7, 2011

Date Night!

Shades of Gray and Black

Mr. CP and I decided to try out a French/Korean fusion restaurant we had heard wonderful things about. Every Sunday evening, they do an Urban BBQ with a three-entree menu, and a small buffet of drinks, side dishes, and a dessert. Today's menu was a very intriguing mix of French, Korean, and Vietnamese food. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could write sonnets about the meal. Sonnets, I tell you!

With slight variations, you can see what I wore above. I love the dress, and for $24.99 it was an absolute bargain. It's one of the few dresses I've found that actually manage to cover my breastal (erm, yes, that's a word...) area. The bracelet I wore was only slightly different from the one above -- the stones were mounted on a solid cuff. I picked mine up for about $10 at TJ Maxx. I couldn't seem to find a better picture of the necklace. I picked it up at Forever 21 for around $5, and it has a cute little bird charm, a rhinestone, and a whistle. Thankfully for Mr. CP's eardrums and sanity, the whistle doesn't work, but it's cute nonetheless. You can look it up online; it's called the Spring Whistle necklace. As for the purse, the one I used was similar to the one above, but not identical. I used one that I picked up years ago at Nordstrom Rack (I think). I also included photos of most of the makeup I wore, too, for anyone who might be interested.

On a side note, I always drop food on myself. Without fail. Always. It's humiliating. This meal was no exception. Even better, I managed to drop food right on the crotch of my dress. In my brilliance, I thought it would be a good idea to excuse myself to the restroom and wipe my dress off with a little water. ::sigh:: Why did I think that was a good idea? I could sit here, and tell you that I didn't realize the food had fallen in that particular area; that it was only after I tried to wipe my dress off that I realized the unfortunate location of the offensive stain. Alas, that would be a lie. The true reason is that I tend to lack common sense. Bad ideas routinely seem like good ones until that almost poetic moment when I suddenly realize what a pickle I've gotten myself into. I did the only thing I could do. I laughed my ass off, and waited for the dress to dry!

I meant to have Mr. CP take pictures of the outfit (you know, after it dried) so I wouldn't have to rely on Polyvore, but of course the camera battery needed to be charged. ::grumble grumble:: The camera is charging as I write this, though, so you'll certainly be seeing pics soon!

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