Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've got mail... from Coldwater Creek!

Hey everyone! This morning got off to a terrific start. After listening for far too long to my bellyaching over the sorry state of my nails, Mr. CP shooed me off to the nail salon. When I got home, I was absolutely elated to see that not only had Mr. CP vacuumed and tidied the whole house, but I had received a much anticipated package from Coldwater Creek. Below are the five things I picked up, all on clearance with free shipping. Sales are the best.

Seam Detail Linen Skirt in Blue, Or: $64.99 Sale: $22.99

I absolutely love this skirt. I meant to order it in white, which I may still do since it's on such a good sale, but when I tried the blue on I found that I really loved the color. It's a really beautiful blue, and the cut is so flattering.

Floral Ombre Skirt, Or: $74.95 Sale: $24.99

I can't even explain to you how loudly and girlishly I squealed when I saw this skirt on Coldwater Creek's website. For $25.00, I was absolutely sold. It's such a flattering skirt -- very feminine, and twirly. The purple hue around the bottom hemline is a bit darker than it appears in the picture, but it's still such a lovely skirt.

Paneled Floral Skirt, Or: 74.95 Sale: $39.99

This is probably my very favorite of the three skirts. The color of the skirt -- a lovely, rich light brown -- paired with the eggshell colored flowers lends the skirt an almost playful air. This one will definitely get a lot of wear. I adore it.

Embroidered Chiffon Shell, Or: $89.95 Sale: $39.99

I immediately decided I couldn't live without this top the moment I saw it. It almost reminds me of something one might find at Anthropologie, only in a size more suitable for bustier/curvier/plus-sized women. It's so flattering on the figure. It clings and hangs loose in all the right places.

Vine Print Shell, Or: $79.95 Sale: $26.99

Again, the moment I saw this on the CWC website, I decided it must be mine. Unfortunately, I chose poorly on the size, and it's waaaaay too big. I'm just going to exchange it for a size down, because I absolutely love the print. In fact, I have a sheer blouse/tank top combo that I picked up a couple months ago that has a very similar pattern on it, so this will make a nice warm weather alternative to that.

I can't encourage you curvy and plus-size ladies to check out Coldwater Creek enough. Their clothes are cut beautifully for fuller figured women, and come in misses, petite, and women's sizes, so you'll be sure to find something that fits and flatters. The Ombre Floral Skirt above, for example, comes in misses sizes XS thru XL, petite sizes PXS thru PXL, and women's sizes 1X thru 3X. I have a hell of a time finding clothes that are cut appropriately for my figure. I have a long torso, and short legs, so skirts typically end up being way too long on me. Thankfully, the PXL fits me perfectly, which cuts down dramatically on the amount of time I spend at the tailor getting things altered.

Something to keep in mind: their sizes actually tend to run slightly big, so my advice is to order a size down. I initially ordered the Vine Print Shell in a 1X because the fabric has no stretch, and I figured I'd need the extra space in the bust. I was very mistaken. In fact, the shirt was so large that it caused what I've dubbed the Circus Tent Effect. Trust me -- Barnum and all his elephants could have fit in the shirt with me with room to spare. The XL should fit me perfectly, though. In fact, I may ultimately need to go down to a large, but for now I'm just going to swap the 1X for an XL and see what happens.

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