Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Blog Awards

Hello, hello! I'm officially back from my brief trip to Colorado. I have yet to edit the photos -- that's my task for tomorrow morning -- but I'll post those sometime tomorrow. =D

While I was away, Karla over at Frugal Big Girl gave me my very first blog awards! Hooray! I'd like to offer up a great big thank you to Karla. She really is one of the sweetest people you'll ever have the good fortune to meet. I was so excited when I saw that she had given the blog the awards below, and I couldn't wait to get back and share the news with you.

Here are the rules:

Link back to the blogger you got the award from
Write 7 random things about yourself
Fill in the question form below
Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know

7 random things about me:

1. I love poetry. I can't write it to save my life, but I thoroughly enjoy reading it. My favorite poets: Tennyson and Rilke.
2. I'm terrified of spiders. Jump-on-the-bed-and-screech-at-a-pitch-that-only-dogs-can-hear terrified of them. They're a-holes. And I maintain that they occasionally growl at me. 
3. I played the role of Ruth in my high school's production of The Pirates of Penzance. I dyed my hair gray, too. It didn't come out for... well, longer than I would have liked. 
4. I've read all of Jane Austen's novels 5 times (that I can remember). I hate them all, and have since the first read through. I just keep thinking I need to give them another chance... and another... and another.
5. I like Scotch, Bourbon, Stouts, and IPAs, which apparently makes me unique among women.
6. I rock first-person shooter video games. I have no idea why or how, but I do. I can't for the life of me play any other sort of game, but shooters? I put both Mr. CP and my father -- both avid gamers -- to shame. (Ruh roh... them's fightin' words)
7. I worked as a historical consultant on a documentary about the Alaskan Gold Rush. I thought it would make me more like Indiana Jones. It so didn't. At all.

Question Form:

Name your favorite song: My all-time favorite song is "Let Go" by Frou Frou. Not far behind are "Guns Gold Girls" (Metric), "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Map of the Problematique" (Muse), "Houses" (Great Northern), and "A Sight to Behold" (Eisley).
Name your favorite dessert: It's my very own Sophie's Choice. Pumpkin pie. I love good pumpkin pie.
What pisses you off: People with a sense of entitlement.
Your favorite pet: I just love animals. I don't really have a favorite.
Black or white: Black.
Your biggest fear: Spiders. See above.
Best feature: Probably my eyes. They're green, my very favorite color!
Everyday attitude: Happy and friendly, with a dash of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.
What is perfection: Perfection is entirely subjective. However, I will say that I don't really believe in "perfection." I think that what makes life fun and interesting are all of its imperfections.
Guilty pleasure: The Vampire Diaries. It's like Dawson's Creek with vampires. FTW.

Bloggers: I Pick You!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants: I think she already has one or both of these, but I'm mentioning her anyway. She's friendly and hilarious, two of my favorite qualities in a person!
Caroline at Second Hand Shopper: She's one of my UK blog friends! She's so adorable, and has some seriously fantastic items in her closet.
Lenore at Lather Write Repeat: We have a lot of the same things in our closets. It's unsettling.
Reading in Skirts (Tia): She's seriously awesome. She rocks some of the coolest hair ever. She also leaves consistently hilarious comments on my blog that never fail to make me smile!
Reading in Skirts (Mia): Another hilarious commentator on this blog. She has some of the cuuuutest skirts ever. I often squeal when I visit her posts.
Nicole at Ruby Nite: She has an amazing collection of dresses and petticoats. She's fantastically adorable. 
Lilli at Frocks and Frou Frou: What do I even say about her? She's adorable, and she has a magnificent dress collection.
Inna at Skippy Says: I love this girl. She's sassy. She's hilarious. She's sarcastic. She's stylish. In short: she's awesome!
Laura at The Blog of Worldly Delights: I heart Laura. She's beyond swell. =D She's funny, she's smart, and she's a whiz with the sewing machine. Put simply, she's ah-mayzing!
Bekah at Matters of Merrymaking: Bekah is, indeed, a merrymaker. She also has some killer outfits. She always looks comfortable, put together, and super duper cute.

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