Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One of Those Days

Excuse my makeup-free face. I didn't feel like wearing any. It happens a lot. =P

 Top: A to Z Tees (Alhambra Outlet)
Cardigan: Halogen (Nordstrom)
Skirt: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom, and it's on sale right now!)
Tights: Target
Boots: Enzo Angiolini
Head band: H&M
Necklace: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)
Earrings: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack)

I had a feeling yesterday morning when I woke up that I should stay in bed. I really should have listened to my instincts. 

We rent an old house that was built in the 1920's. It sounds nice in theory, but in reality it means that the windows aren't insulated, the outlets are outdated, and the closets are hobbit-sized. It was the latter of these that inspired me to pick up a garment rack at IKEA recently to hang some of my most worn items on. Oh, IKEA. I love you... but I also sort of hate you. Every time I try to assemble something from IKEA, I end up staring blankly at the supposedly easy-to-understand instructions scratching my head like those monkeys you see at the zoo. Or ripping the instructions up into tiny little pieces, and promptly taping them back together when I realize that that the only thing worse than having the insufferable instructions is not having them (this has actually happened... several times). It took me an hour, but I successfully assembled the garment rack. So what if the screws don't screw in all the way? Or if the base is a bit wobbly? It's done, damn it. Victory was mine on this, the first day of November.

I decided to reward myself with a walk around the neighborhood. There's a church about a block down from our house with an absolutely beautiful courtyard. While tiny, the space boasts a beautiful tree, some lovely flowers, and a tiny bench. I decided to sit for a bit and enjoy the view of the colorful blossoms and golden leaves. I was happily musing to myself about the crisp fall air when it happened. The sprinklers flipped on. Happily enough, there happened to be a sprinkler directly underneath the bench upon which I was sitting, and two more between me and the exit. By the time I screeched my way out of the courtyard I was shivering, soaked, and (who am I kidding?) amused. I looked like a drowned rat as I sloshed my way home. Because it's just the sort of luck I have, both of our neighbors happened to be outside as I walked by. They cast quizzical looks my way, and wisely decided not to ask any questions. I'm fairly certain they've just come to expect bizarre things like this from our household.

Oh! And behold the other two pumpkins Mr. CP and I carved on Halloween. He carved a mockingjay from The Hunger Games. In a random and entirely characteristic move, I carved a Kiwi. I heart Kiwis. They're such tragic and unlikely creatures.

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