Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Mane Event!

I'm a firm believer in giving oneself bunny ears. It's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

(Blazer detail)

Dress: Pointelle Sweater Dress/Anthropologie
Blazer: Twill Honeybee Blazer/Anthropologie
Beetle Necklace: Anthropologie
Charm Necklace: La Vie Parisienne/Blue Ruby (jewelry boutique in Vancouver, B.C.)
Earrings: Marc Jacobs/Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Old Navy

Last Thursday night, Cascade Ice Water hosted an event at the amazing Mane Blow Dry Bar in downtown Seattle. I had never had a blow out before, but I figured they had to be marvelous and magical because I've routinely seen women come walking out of blow dry bars looking like they stepped out of an Herbal Essences commercial. SO, I squealed with delight when I realized that I would finally get to experience a blow out for myself.

I was not disappointed. Look at my curly hair! LOOK! LOOOOOOK! (Excuse the flash... the camera was being temperamental). I'm already planning a Girls' Night return trip for the full treatment!

Our very generous hosts, Cascade Ice, provided us with delicious refreshments for the entirety of the evening. I took advantage of their tasting bar, and sipped on four or five different flavors. My favorite: their low calorie margaritas. They were absolutely delicious. So were the Cosmos. Grapefruit was good, too. Coconut was pretty awesome. Okay, really, there wasn't a bad flavor in the bunch. They were all fantastic. 

And perhaps most exciting of all, they had chocolate covered strawberries. Sooooo many chocolate covered strawberries. They also had delicious food on skewers. Side note: can I just tell you how impressed I was at some of the other bloggers' abilities to eat these things daintily? I saw at least two or three people use the skewers in seriously creative ways so they wouldn't have to eat the chicken like a popsicle. Alas, I'm not a skewer ninja, so I embraced my more barbarous instincts, and just ate it like a chicken popsicle.  It was glorious.

To Mane, Nunez PR, and Cascade Ice Water: thank you so much for a wonderful evening! I had an absolute blast meeting each and every one of you. To my fellow bloggers in attendance: it was so amazing to meet all of you! Thanks for all the laughs!

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