Friday, April 20, 2012

Guessing Game

Okay. I had fully intended to remain strong in the wake of all these Friends and Family, and Mid-Season Sales. For the most part, I managed to control my shopaholic tendencies by avoiding those websites that were both the most tempting, and still out of my price range (I'm looking at you, Kate Spade).

And then... and THEN Dorothy Perkins happened. I logged on to DP's website intending to add a few things to my already lengthy wish list, only to find that they, too, are in the throes of a Mid-Season Sale. I tried to walk away, folks. Really, I did. Sort of. A little bit. Okay, I meant to walk away and make myself a pot of tea, but somewhere along the way I got confused, added two items to my shopping cart, and purchased them. And then I made tea.

Which brings me to the guessing game. Which of the items below do you think I ordered? ;)

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