Saturday, April 13, 2013

Polyvore Remix: Colima Maxi Skirt

I'm really fortunate to have the most wonderfully patient husband in the world. He doesn't judge me too harshly for leaving half-full mugs of coffee sitting around the house (that's right... half-full... because I'm an optimist). He doesn't mind that my idea of cooking a meal involves pulling a bowl out of the cupboard, and filling it with cereal. He doesn't even mind the fact that I have a long and distinguished reputation as a plant killer, despite the fact that he loves gardening. And, strictly speaking, he doesn't mind the fact that I have enough clothes to adequately outfit a relatively small, very feminine army. He does, however, think it's hilarious to tease me mercilessly when my clothes are literally spilling out of the closet. In my defense, it isn't because the closets are that full. It's mostly because I'm usually running late, so I just sort of... shove things in the closet, close the doors quickly so things don't spill out, and sprint for the door. (Does it sound like I'm rationalizing? I'm really not. Promise.)

Because I like to limit the amount of ammo Mr. CP. has at any given moment, I've been trying to be a more discerning customer as I add a few new Spring pieces to my closet. Unless I can think of at least three ways to style an item using things I already own, the article of clothing in question doesn't come home with me. As soon as I saw the Colima Maxi Skirt on Anthropologie's website, I hopped on over to Polyvore and started styling away. I came up with five -- count 'em, FIVE! -- styling options based around items I already have in my closet. I may use that Anthro gift card that's been gathering dust to pick up this lovely skirt now that I can rationalize the purchase. Technology is a wonderfully useful psychological tool, isn't it?

Which look is your favorite?

Colima Maxi 1

Colima Maxi 2

Colima Maxi 3

Colima Maxi 4

Colima Maxi 5

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